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Who Is

Ryan Crary?

Ryan Crary.PNG

When it comes to publicizing shows and keeping patrons lined up for drinks, venues and booking managers would have to look far and wide for a music artist more committed than one-man band, Ryan Crary. The Rock Pop artist from Jacksonville, Florida has already played some of the city’s top venues, including Jacksonville Landing, Lynch’s Irish Pub, and festivals like Oktoberfest. Energetic and engaging while on stage, Ryan’s cover song repertoire ranges from the likes of the Rolling Stones to Michael Jackson to Garth Brooks. And his growing catalog of original music is already drawing favorable reviews from fans!

When it comes to working with film/TV Ryan has a unique ability to capture the emotion of the imagery on screen. Enhancing the experience for the user and creating a lasting impression with his partners. 

To the right you will find some Live Looped covers that engage the crowds. 

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