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About Ryan

Crack The Code LLC is a full-service Music Production Company located in Jacksonville, FL that specializes in various areas, including television, commercial, personal, and film. As well as various genres of music from Rock, EDM, 80's nostalgia and more! 

 We’re your one stop music and audio production enterprise, operating with the best and latest technology. We have all the equipment and skills needed to create a lasting and trusting working relationship. Get in touch with us today.

We look forward to working with you!  

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"I enjoy providing the best for my clients, whether that is a good live show, superb instrumental to fit the projects my clients need or collaborating with others to achieve a common goal. The creative process is fun and sometimes frustrating but the end result also enhances everyone involved."

Ryan has been writing and performing for over 12 year in the Southeast with extreme success on the local AND regional levels. Writing songs for other artists, podcasts and even to fulfill his own goals, Ryan has an unequivocal drive and passion to deliver the best he can for whatever project he is working on. 

Building relationships and providing exactly what his clients need for seamless integration and sync is what he excels at. 


After a couple of oddball years with the pandemic, his first child, and an overhaul to his business directives, Ryan looks forward to the challenges coming up in the near future and conquering each one as he continues to grow professionally and personally. 



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